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Open Burning and Permits for Brigham City and Perry

Burn permits can be issued March 30 - May 30 and September 15 - October 30.

The Utah Division of Air Quality requires that the clearing index MUST be above 500 for a permit to be issued. Click the link below to check the clearing index on the day you wish to burn. Brigham City is located within Airshed #4.

Residential Burning

Residential burn permits are not granted within Brigham City limits unless the property for the permit is at least 5 acres or more and used for agricultural purposes. Brigham City offers green waste drop off to all Brigham City residents, located at 820 N. Watery Lane. Click here for information about the Green Waste/Compost Facility.

Agricultural Burning

Agriculture burning is regulated by Utah Administrative Rule R307-202, and Utah Code Annotated, (UCA) 11-7-1. Except for areas zoned as residential, agriculture burning must meet these requirements:

  • Agricultural Property or horticultural land is at least 5 acres or more and used for any of the following;

    • Farming and or crop production

    • Livestock grazing

    • Ditch land associated with farmland or crop production areas

  • Burning incident to horticultural or agricultural operations of:

    • Prunings from trees, bushes, and plants

    • Dead or diseased trees, bushes, and plants, including stubble

    • Burning of weed growth along ditch banks for clearing these ditches for irrigation purposes

    • Controlled heating of orchards or other crops during the frost season to lessen the chances of their being frozen so long as the emissions from this heating do not cause or contribute to an exceedance of any national ambient air quality standards and is consistent with the federally approved State Implementation Plan

  • The burn MUST be attended at all times until the fire is extinguished.

  • The fire must be extinguished before dark.

  • Sunday burning is not permitted.

As provided for in Utah Code 11-7-1

  • Agricultural permits shall be obtained by the State Department of Air Quality (DAQ), in accordance to the above regulations and after verifying the clearing index. A copy of the issued permit is required to be available at the burn site.

Filling out the form and submitting it will serve as a notification. There is no need to call and no need for the Fire Marshal's signature on the form.