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Volunteer Opportunities

The Brigham City Senior Division is always in need of volunteers to fill a variety of roles. Volunteers help keep the costs down for many of our programs. For information about any of these opportunities, or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Amanda at (435) 226-1455.


Fundraising efforts are held during March in conjunction with the national March for Meals campaign. Among these efforts is the Annual March for Meals BINGO night, sponsored by Box Elder Golden Spike Senior Services [BEGSSS], a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The event raises money for the Meals on Wheels program and has become a popular annual tradition of Bingo, food and prizes.

Meals on Wheels

Volunteers are needed to deliver meals to home-bound, elderly, and physically challenged residents of Brigham City, Perry, Mantua, Honeyville, Bear River City, and Willard. All meals are prepared at the Community Center.

Outreach Programs

Volunteers are always needed to help with our outreach programs, including Phone a Friend. Contact is made at least once a week with those needing extra socializing.



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