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Storm Water Management

Contact Information:
Public Works Office
(435) 734-6615
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Trevor Nelson
Storm Water Coordinator
(435) 226-1444

Bryce Lofthouse
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager
(435) 226-1441

Storm Drainage

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Storm Water Management Plan

The Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4), protect water quality, and satisfy requirements of the Utah Water Quality Act. The SWMP is required by Utah State Law and the Federal Clean Water Act.

Storm Water Permits

Individuals or entities wishing to excavate or perform other construction activity, including connecting to the storm water system, may be required to obtain a permit. Requirements are outlined in Chapter 24.07 of Title 24: Streets and Sidewalks (pdf). For appeals, see Chapter 24.07.100. 

Permit applications are available under "Storm Water Links" in the sidebar of this page.