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Solar Power

Contact Information:
Lisa Scott
Resource Specialist
(435) 734-6625 office
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  1. Watch orientation video here before making any non-refundable payments to Brigham City or a Solar company.
  2. Read Title 10.05. Distributed Generation Interconnection
  3. Download and complete the application (pdf).
  4. Submit your application ( and pay the $50 non-refundable administrative fee to the city here.
  5. Brigham City Power will do a preliminary onsite inspection prior to sending the paperwork to WC3.
  6. Wait for design review - paid for directly to and will be completed by West Coast Code Consultants(WC3)
  7. After review, pay your permit fees to Community Development and install your panels.
  8. Call Cody Richards @ WC3 for inspection following installation, 435-760-5586. (also paid to WC3)
  9. When final inspection is received from WC3, Brigham City will issue you a "Permission to Operate" letter.

Brigham City Permit Fees
(review and inspection fees paid separately to WC3)

                    Paid at time permit is submitted
Administrative Fee                  $   50.00 (non-refundable)

                    Paid after permit is approved
Permit Fee                                $ 150.00
Production Meter                    $ 205.00
State 1% Fee                            $    1.50
Meter connect/Transformer  $     50.00/