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Work in the Public Right of Way

To schedule an inspection or for more information:
Public Works Office

(435) 734-6615
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What work requires a permit and inspection?

All work within the Public Right of Way requires a permit and inspection. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Water utilities
  • Sewer utilities
  • Storm drain utilities
  • Land drain utilities
  • Sidewalks
  • Curb and gutter
  • Approaches

Requirements to obtain a permit

For questions, contact the Public Works Administrative Assistant at 435-734-6615 or by email.

Job site requirements

  • Approved set of plans
  • Proper local, state, and federal permits
  • Blue Stakes location
  • Notification of road closure to Brigham City Public Works
  • Traffic and pedestrian control according to MUTCD Standards
  • Adherence to all OSHA Requirements

Notification of Inspection

The person responsible for construction must ensure that inspections take place where and when required.

Continuous inspections require 3-day notification prior to the commencing of the work (e.g., water and sewer mains, asphalt and concrete work, etc.).

Periodic inspections require 24-hour notification prior to the commencing of the work (e.g., service lateral replacements, excavations, concrete forms, etc.).

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A work crew does the finish work on a concrete sidewalk. 
Two men in construction vests repair a broken pipe in a trench. 
Two men in construction vests work on an asphalt section of a road. A large piece of machinery is in the background. 
A worker uses a shovel to smooth dirt that fills a hole cut into concrete to make a repair.