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Public Power

Welcome to Brigham City Public Power, where providing safe and reliable power for our customers is our greatest reward!

Brigham City Public Power first started in 1904 when Brigham City purchased a power generator and located it at the mouth of Box Elder Canyon. Today we service over 8,000 residents and businesses.

Contact Information:
Dave Burnett
Public Power Director
(435) 734-6623 office

Lisa Scott
Resource Specialist
(435) 734-6625 office
send an email

Marci Wood
Administrative Assistant
(435) 734-6624 office
send an email

The Public Power crew standing in front of Public Power Building
Brigham City Public Power provides service only within Brigham City limits. Our system consists of:

  • 100 miles of distribution and transmission lines
  • Two power plants
  • Eight substations within Brigham City area

Planning on Removing a Tree?

If you are planning on removing a tree in your yard near power lines, please call Brigham City Public Power at (435)734-6624 or send an email to Marci Wood. A site visit with the Power Department may be required to assess the scope of the work needed prior to any work taking place. If determined a service disconnect is needed, we require 48 hours’ notice that is to be scheduled with the Power Department prior to disconnect.

The Power Department will disconnect the secondary power lines for tree removal by customer or customer’s contractor and then reconnect when the job is complete (free of charge) during normal working hours. If the project cannot be done during business hours, arrangements will need to be made to supply a crew and calculate compensation for the crew and equipment.

For more information, click this link to view our standards on tree removal.

Street Light Out?

Brigham City Public Power does not have an employee designated to go around and find street and parking lot lights that are out. We depend on the citizens of Brigham City to report them. Please call (435) 734-6624 or send an email to Marci Wood so we can send our employees as soon as possible. Include the address of the pole, what side of the street it is on (N,S,E,W), what the problem is (burned out, flickering, etc.), and your name and phone number so we can call with any questions. If the light is not fixed within 2 weeks, please call us.