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Campaign Sign Guidelines

Click here for the letter given to candidates and a pdf of these guidelines.

It is Brigham City’s goal to coordinate and enforce codes the City has adopted that govern the use and safety of public rights-of-way. Advertisements, including political signs, are not permitted to be placed within the public rights-of-way that interface pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These areas are reserved for the safe travel of pedestrians and necessary vehicular traffic signs. Please notify your campaign workers who install your political signs of these regulations. Brigham City Code Services will enforce all political signs that are regulated under the following placement, types, and sizes:

Sign Placement

  • Signs may not be placed upon any wall, fence, tree, post, building, bridge, sidewalk, street or other property, or cause the same to be done, without permission of the owner or agent thereof or the Mayor, if upon public property or the streets and sidewalks of the City.
  • Signs may not be placed upon public property, between the sidewalk or curb and gutter, or within the public rights-of-way. Public Rights-of-Way verification can be viewed online with Box Elder County’s Interactive Web Map located at this link:
  • Signs determined to be a traffic safety hazard shall be required to be removed or relocated. Signs that constitute traffic safety hazards include, but are not limited to, signs that: restrict sight distance at the intersection of two streets, restrict sight distance for drivers or pedestrians; block the view of traffic, regulatory or information signs; restrict the movement of pedestrians; and impact vehicle parking.

Sign Types and Sizes

  • Flat, Free Standing, Illuminated and Low-Profile sign types are allowed.
  • No sign can be larger than 32 square feet in area or no taller than eight 8 feet (8’) in Residential and Agricultural districts.
  • No sign can be larger than 64 square feet in area or no taller than ten feet (10’) in Commercial and Manufacturing districts.


Brigham City Code Services will remove non-conforming political signs. As a courtesy, signs will be placed in a designated area at Brigham City Hall located 20 North Main Street, Brigham City, UT.

If you have any questions concerning Brigham City Political Sign Guidelines, please contact Brigham City Code Services by telephone at (435) 734-6619 or visit Brigham City Hall located at 20 North Main Street, Brigham City, UT during normal business hours Monday – Friday.

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