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People with Special Needs

Any person who will require special facilities or services during an emergency is considered a "Person with Special Needs."

Special Needs Registry

There is a registry that allows people with special needs to provide information to emergency response agencies PRIOR TO an emergency occurring which will help those agencies better plan to help you during a crisis. The information collected will not be available to the public. It will only be shared with emergency response agencies to improve their ability to serve. Click here for information about the Special Needs Registry, or call 211.

The File of Life

This is a form that can be attached to a refrigerator, or kept in another easily accessible place that can be found by emergency personnel in the event of an urgent situation. It contains a mini medical history. These can be obtained at Brigham City Emergency Services located at 442 West Forest Street, Brigham City, Utah. They can also be ordered via telephone at (435)723-4071. To learn more, click here.

Emergency Shelters

Listen to the radio (KSL 1160am or 102.7fm) or television (KSL Channel 5) for the location of emergency shelters. These shelters can provide a safe place to stay and meals while you are there. However, they do not provide personal health care. If you require the care of a personal attendant, bring the attendant with you.

Residents can call (435)723-4071 to get up to date information.