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Monuments and Memorials

Cemetery Office
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Rico Gonzales
Cemetery Sexton

Monument, Headstone or Marker Requirements

No permanent headstones or markers of marble or granite or other rock construction shall be installed in the cemetery without also installing a border of cement, solid rock or other suitable material as approved by the sexton around such headstone or marker six inches in width, which border shall be flush with the lawn so that the lawn may be cut conveniently without contact with the headstone markers.

Grave Markers

Only one raised marker is permitted per grave, including family monuments. The monument dealer or responsible party must obtain a permit before a marker is placed.

Headstones level with the ground, with approval of the Sexton, may be installed between established rows. No flowers, vases or containers (permanent or otherwise) will be permitted on these markers.

All monuments must be placed within the boundary of the grave or graves of the owner in conformity with established rows. Raised monuments in adjacent rows must be a minimum of six and one-half feet (6'6") apart. Monuments shall not exceed 42 inches in height nor be wider than 28 inches, including the concrete base.

Patrons are encouraged to consult with a monument manufacturer on materials suitable to handle conditions at the Cemetery. Markers are subject to temperature extremes, snow, ice, sprinkler irrigation water and occasional nicks and chips from moving equipment. It is recommended that raised markers have a rough nosed base or edge rather than a polished smooth surface.

The owner or responsible party is responsible for the removal and replacement of a marker that must be removed for the excavation of a grave or for the expenses of such services if contracted. If the owner or responsible party wishes, the City will arrange for the services with a local monument dealer, at the owner's expense.


Face plate engraving, etching, or brass name plate mountings are permitted and are the responsibility of the niche owner. They must be flush-mounted and not protrude beyond the flat surface of the face plate.

Rosebud vases to accommodate flowers may be built into or attached professionally on niche face plates.

Shrubs, Trees, and Permanent Decorations

City ordinance prohibits the planting of any trees, shrubs or flowers in the Cemetery without the permission of the Sexton. The Sexton will designate an appropriate planting area for any such donation or gift.

No fences, foot markers or other obstructions, except headstones or monuments will be allowed in the Cemetery.

Veteran crosses are available from local veteran groups to be installed in or on the permanent cement base of a monument. Upkeep and maintenance are the responsibility of the monument owner. The Cemetery staff will repair crosses damaged due to maintenance.

Maintenance Provided by the Cemetery

Brigham City employees mow grass, lay sod and reseed, fill sunken graves, water, trim trees and shrubs, remove wilted flowers and decorations, edge around headstones, and perform other clean-up tasks as needed.  The Perpetual Care Fund helps to offset these costs. Perpetual care does not include repairing or replacing markers, monuments or other personal property.

Any questions regarding these policies or requests not covered by policy can be discussed in person at the Cemetery Offices, via letter to the cemetery sexton, or by phone. 

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