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City Council report for August 17, 2023

Two big items happened in the August 17 City Council meeting. First, the Council adopted the final 2023-24 budget after a short public hearing in which only three residents spoke. The budget they adopted includes a 3.69% property tax increase, which will be dedicated to sidewalk projects beginning in the area around Golden Spike Elementary.

And second, Councilmember Alden Farr resigned his seat effective immediately. He is taking a position with Brigham City Corporation, which does not allow him to remain on the Council. Over the next few weeks the remaining Council members will interview and select someone to fill the unexpired term, which will end January 1. Residents who wish to apply should fill out the application form ( and bring it to the City Recorder at City Hall no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 6.

Prior to adoption of the budget, City Administrator Derek Oyler showed a plan for where sidewalks would be installed or upgraded around Golden Spike Elementary. This was in response to requests from the public. He also acknowledged that earlier plans to prioritize 600 East have been changed. The consultants who helped develop the plan feel that pedestrian traffic should be kept off 600 East as much as possible, and that opinion was reinforced by one of the residents, who lives on 600 East and commented during the public hearing.

Other items approved in the meeting include the appointment of Kate Kelley as the City's Emergency Preparedness Manager, the final plat for Phase 2 of the North Point Subdivision, amendments to the City Code that remove references to rental of the Academy Center, a telecommunications franchise for Qwest Communications (known also as CenturyLink and as Lumen), and a grant for the façade of Consignology.

Monica Holdaway from the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce also provided an update on preparations and plans for Peach Days, which will be held September 6-9.

This is not the official record of the meeting. The official minutes, when they are available, will be posted at See the video of this meeting here: and view the full agenda packet here: