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City Council report for July 6, 2023

The outline of Brigham City on a map likely looks a little different after last night's meeting. After a public hearing in which the only commenter spoke in favor of the change, the City Council approved a boundary adjustment between Brigham City and Perry. As a result, two properties that had previously straddled the line will now be located entirely within Perry City limits, assuming the Perry City Council also approved the measure.

A developer planning to put in an apartment complex on the old Shopko site (747 S. Main) requested that the City vacate a portion of its utility easement on the east side of the lot to accommodate parking garages. The Council opened the public hearing but then did not close it, which means the hearing can technically continue at a future council meeting. This action was taken because the City is still waiting to hear back from some of the utility providers with service lines in the easement. Once any issues are resolved, the Council will return to the public hearing and also return to the question of vacating the easement.

The Council voted to accept a correction of an earlier change to the City's towing ordinance. Back in January, the Council approved a change to the ordinance. It was recently brought to the attention of City staff that a provision of the ordinance that they intended to change was actually not included in that earlier revision. So Police Chief Chad Reyes presented the change to the Council for their approval. Basically, tow companies are no longer required to operate a tow yard within Brigham City limits in order to be on the police department's call rotation for towing vehicles. They are still required to be within a 25-minute drive of the city.

And finally, it was made public that the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce will enter into an agreement with the City to manage the Brigham Academy Center. There was a little confusion about some of the language in the contract, so both sides agreed to get that sorted out and bring it back to a future meeting for a final vote.

The meeting can be watched on YouTube at this link.

This is not the official record of the meeting. Official meetings notes will be posted at when they are available.