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City Council report for May 18, 2023

The phone lines were down at City Hall on May 18, so it wasn't possible for the City to stream the meeting live on YouTube as they typically do. However, an audio recording was made and is available at this link:

The Youth City Council made their annual report of activities.

The only action item on the agenda was the approval of Parkinson Subdivision 700 West Street Improvements Pioneering Reimbursement Agreement. That action item was approved unanimously.

Finance Director Tom Kotter provided an update on the Power Purchase Adjustment Clause (PPAC). He reported that the bill from UAMPS was $768,614. The price per kWh during the month of March was just under $0.52. The City collected $755,000 in April from the PPAC rate. Current status through March we are still $1.9 million behind on wholesale power purchases incurred since July 2022. Mr. Kotter explained that things are moving in the right direction.

This is not the official record of the City Council meeting. Meeting notes will be posted at when they are available.