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State of the City address to be delivered virtually

Brigham City Mayor DJ Bott will try a different delivery method for this year’s State of the City address. The speech will be delivered virtually on the city’s YouTube channel.

Bott will deliver the speech Tuesday, May 9, at 6:00 p.m. from his office in City Hall. Residents can watch it live at or find the recording later on YouTube or the city’s Facebook page.

The State of the City address has traditionally been delivered during a City Council meeting, but attendance at those meetings is typically sparse. The mayor hopes a virtual delivery will allow more people to participate.

“So many of us connect more now online,” Bott said. “With the added ability to watch at your leisure because of our busy lives, this broadcast will hopefully reach and encourage more of the community.”

In preparation for this speech, Mayor Bott asked residents to submit questions they would like to see him address. More than 50 residents participated. Some of those questions will be answered during the speech, but others will be addressed on the city’s Facebook page in the days following the speech.

Bott hopes residents will tune in and sees the speech as an opportunity to clarify some misconceptions about city operations. “Sometimes it’s just nice to hear from the mayor and not the online rumor mill, to see the person and connect with a face,” he said.

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