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City Council report for February 2, 2023

The Council voted to continue in the Carbon Free Power Project for at least the next year. This is something they have to approve annually, even though the CFPP isn't projected for completion until 2030. Power Director Dave Burnett stated that the CFPP coming online will make energy prices more predictable since Brigham City will have less exposure to the volatile spot market that currently accounts for about 25% of our power.

The resolution to recognize Historic Downtown Brigham City (HDBC) as the Main Street program organization was continued because during the public comment period, HDBC director David Walker withdrew the application to serve as the Main Street program.

Acting as the Redevelopment Agency (RDA), the council members declared intent to purchase Mountain View Elementary School from Box Elder School District. The property will be used to increase parking for Rotary Constitution Park. The plan is for the remainder of the parcel to be sold for use by the Boys and Girls Club and the New Hope Crisis Center. A public hearing will be held at a later date.

*This is a brief summary of the meeting, and key context and details may be missing. Please watch the full meeting at