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Volunteers needed for new Community Volunteer Board

Brigham City is looking for residents to serve on the new Community Volunteer Board. The committee, as described by Mayor DJ Bott, will “promote and support community inclusion and activities.”

The Community Volunteer Board will plan and promote activities for all ages, to take place in the Community Center and other locations throughout the city. Members may also advise the mayor and city council on community activities and services. The board will meet at least twice a year, with additional meetings scheduled as needed.

Mayor Bott hopes the committee will strengthen community ties. “We are always better together,’ he said. “We have had plenty of forced time apart. We need to come back and associate.”

The mayor will appoint seven board members, each serving a two-year term. In the initial selection process, he will designate four member to serve three years and three members to serve two years. This will allow appointments to be staggered, as roughly half of the members will be replaced each year beginning in the second year.

“Please get involved,” said Mayor Bott.

Board members must be residents of Brigham City. Anyone interested in participating should contact Donna Pett at or 435-734-6612.