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Brigham City General Plan

Municipalities within the State of Utah are required by Utah Code to "prepare and adopt a comprehensive, long-range general plan for present and future needs of the municipality and growth and development of all or any part of the land within the municipality" (10-9a-401).

Brigham City 2017 General Plan

Cover Sheet - Contents (pdf)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf)

Chapter 2 - Land Use (Amended 7/21/2022) (pdf)

Chapter 3 - Main Street (pdf)

Chapter 4 - Transportation (pdf)

Chapter 5 - Economic Development (pdf)

Chapter 6 - Housing (pdf)

Chapter 7 - Parks and Trails (pdf)

Chapter 8 - Environment (pdf)

Chapter 9 - Public Services (pdf)

Chapter 10 - Annexation (pdf)

Chapter 11 - Appendices (pdf)

Addendum to Appendix A - Brigham City Moderate Income Housing Plan (pdf)

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