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Forest Street Overpass

This page will be updated periodically with information about construction of the Forest Street overpass. Check back often.
The most recent updates will be at the top.

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September 12, 2023: Over the next several months residents traveling the Forest Street corridor will notice significant construction activities and traffic control in the area. Most of this work will take place between approximately 700 West and 1000 West. Crews are working on the utility installation and upgrades in preparation for the overpass being constructed over the railroad.

There may be times when full closure of the Forest Street roadway will need to take place. We will do our best to notify you prior to any full closures of the roadway.

We encourage residents to identify and use alternatives to Forest street while these construction activities are present. There are several other roadways that will allow vehicular traffic through our community, such as SR-13, 600 North, 400 South, and 1100 South.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Brigham City need this overpass?

Trains frequently block the railroad crossing on Forest Street, delaying access to and from downtown Brigham City. In most cases, it's an inconvenience. However, such delays have on occasion prevented first responders and law enforcement from quickly reaching the scene of an accident or other emergency. With continued growth west of the railroad tracks, this becomes an increasing concern.

Who is paying for the overpass?

This project is not funded by property tax or sales tax revenues. The Utah Legislature implemented a fuel tax on railroads with the goal of funding infrastructure projects to reduce the impact of trains on the cities they do business in. The overpass in Brigham City is the first project in Utah to be funded with that fuel tax.

Why don't we use that money for something else?

The $32 million budgeted for this project was earmarked by the Utah Legislature and cannot be applied to other projects.

A rendering of the planned overpass and surrounding area, looking westlooking west

A rendering of the planned overpass and surrounding area, looking eastlooking east

A rendering of the planned overpass and surrounding area, looking northlooking north