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Field Use Policy

To reserve a field over the phone:
Community Activities and Services
(435) 734-6610

To report a maintenance issue at a field:
Public Works
(435) 734-6615
After hours: (435) 723-6868

Rainout information line:
(435) 734-6607

DISCLAIMER: Participants, parents, family, and spectators engaging in the Brigham City Recreation Activities do so with knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health.

Recreation Facility, Park & Sport Field Use & Fee Policy

It is the policy of the Brigham City Parks Department and Recreation Department to control the use of City recreation facilities, parks and sport fields, to protect these resources and to allow usage to individuals, groups and organizations based on availability and priority. Use shall be consistent with City Policies and Ordinances, and promote wellness, recreation, and positive participation and sportsmanship. The City desires to be supportive of such use and will schedule and help facilitate their use in accordance with the requirements of this policy.


This policy is intended to enhance the recreation opportunities and events available to the citizens of Brigham City; to facilitate City and non-City use and scheduling of recreational venues; to offer safe, wholesome recreation programming for participants and spectators and to adequately reimburse the City for expenses related to providing this use.

User Groups

The City recognizes the following categories of users and user groups:

  • City Recreation Programs
  • Box Elder School District sport teams
  • Community-based (organizations organized in and operated from Brigham City), volunteer-operated recreation organizations
  • Organizations providing competitive, accelerated or super league programming
  • Adult recreation leagues or programs
  • Privately owned and operated program providers
  • Corporate, commercial, business, church or family groups

Prioritization of Users

The Brigham City Parks and Recreation Departments reserve the right to schedule activities and events on City facilities, parks and sport fields on an "as available" basis. The following priority applies to all scheduling for use of facilities:

  1. Brigham City Recreation programs
  2. Box Elder School District sport teams
  3. Community-based recreation organizations
  4. Non-profit competitive, accelerated or super league youth programs
  5. Non-profit adult recreation leagues or programs
  6. All others

All practices and games must be scheduled through Brigham City Recreation at (435) 734-6610.


  1. Brigham City Recreation reserves the right to schedule activities and events on City facilities and parks on an "as available" basis. Game scheduling must be done a minimum of 10 days in advance, with at least a 48-hour notice of rescheduling for rain outs or other scheduling problems. Brigham City reserves the right to cancel any scheduled activity due to conditions or circumstances that are determined to be detrimental, unsafe or in conflict with City Ordinances and policies.
  2. Users conducting their activities for commercial or individual financial gain are not endorsed by the City. Conducting business or sale of merchandise for profit is prohibited, without prior approval by the City. (See Brigham City Business License ordinance).
  3. The recreation facilities, parks and sport field use fees will be paid in advance of use and before the event is scheduled on the calendar. The Brigham City refund policy applies as follows: Cancellation by user 30 days prior to use is a full refund, minus $5.00 handling charge. Cancellation by user up to 15 days prior to use is 50% refund minus $5.00 handling charge. Cancellations less than 15 days, no refund allowed.
  4. Cancellation of an event due to weather, facility or field conditions, or city-declared emergency will be rescheduled, if possible, or refunded (except for a $5.00 handling fee). Playability of fields will be determined jointly by the Parks Supervisor and Recreation Supervisor within three hours prior to game time.
  5. Cancellation of an event due to user failing to comply with this policy or City Code and policies, or due to acts or activities deemed to be offensive or harmful, shall not receive a refund. The City reserves the right to prohibit the user from future use of or scheduling of the facilities.
  6. No illegal alcoholic beverages, fireworks, firearms, weapons or other dangerous devices are permitted in park or facility areas. Camping, archery or amplified sound equipment must be approved through the City's special event policy.
  7. A minimum of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy, naming Brigham City Corporation as additional insured must be submitted with scheduling request for all users. In addition, User shall release, indemnify and hold harmless Brigham City Corporation, its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees and volunteers from any and all claims, damages, lawsuits, losses and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of or resulting from User's performance or failure to perform this agreement and all of User's activities conducted on City's facilities/property. Commercial and privately owned and operated program providers must provide proof of Worker's Compensation and Employee's Liability for employees of the organization as required by Utah State Law.
  8. Users shall make every reasonable and prudent effort to keep the area in which user's activities are held, clean and free from trash or other debris. User will clean up any trash and debris generated by user's activities and place it in trash containers provided by the City. The User is responsible for any maintenance or cleanup cost incurred through the negligence of the User of any area or facility.
  9. Scheduling must be requested annually. No automatic or protected right to use because of previous use shall be granted. The City reserves the right to deny use of City facilities to any user that, in the City's opinion, has had public relations problems, has abused City facilities or property, has administered its programs in such a way to cause discredit to the City or has not paid all fees due or past due.
  10. The City assumes no financial responsibility for the user's group, programs or any of their constituents.
  11. Users shall abide by sport or event-specific rules and field usage rules. All games and practice games need to be scheduled at the Recreation office and fees paid. A game is defined by any one of the following criteria:
    1. If there is more than one team present.
    2. If there are officials present, certified or not, or coaches acting as officials.
    3. If players are in uniform.
    4. If one of the teams travels to game site from another city or location.
  12. All games and programs must end by 11:00 p.m., unless approved by the City. All lights must be turned off by 11:15 p.m.
  13. Field sizes are set and are not negotiable. No painting or altering of fields is allowed. Moving of goals, bases, pitching rubbers, bleachers, tables or other equipment owned, maintained or managed by the City is not allowed.
  14. Community-based volunteer-operated recreation organizations are permitted to operate concessions during their program in the spectator area of their programs. Concessions must be operated in compliance with all applicable health codes. All funds generated from concessions must be used to facilitate the organizations' recreation program.


Field Use Fee Resolution (pdf)