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Compost and Product Sales

Brigham City sells compost, screened topsoil, and other products at the Compost and Recycling Facility. Product sales are available beginning in April, weather permitting.

Compost/Green Waste/Recycling Facility:
820 N. Watery Lane
(435) 226-1445

Product sales hours:
November to March

Tuesday - Friday: 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Winter loading depends on equipment and staff availability due to weather - please call before heading to site)

Public Works Office:
(435) 734-6615

Materials Pricing

Below is a list of products offered. Prices are per cubic yard. Click here for a printable price list (pdf). ALL SALES ARE FINAL

The bed of a regular-sized pickup truck will typically hold about two cubic yards.

Compost and topsoil:
   Green compost: $9.00
   Bio compost: $9.00
   Leaf compost: $15.00
   Screened topsoil: $30.00
   Topsoil/compost mix: $35.00

   Gravel, 1": $30.00

Wood chips:
   Coarse, light: $5.00
   Coarse, dark: $5.00
   Medium, light: $10.00
   Fine, light: $10.00
   Fine, dark: $10.00

Fill dirt, sand, and road base:
   Unscreened fill dirt: $5.00
   Cement sand: $30.00
   Road base: $35.00
   Slag road base: $30.00
   Slag, 3": $30.00
   Sandbag: $1.00

Our compost meets all State and Federal requirements for 'Class A' compost or 'EQ,' which stands for exceptional quality. 

Click here for information about Green Waste and Bulk Recycling Drop-Off

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