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The CERT Council shall promote individual, family, business and community safety and emergency preparedness through public information and education.


The CERT Council shall have the following objectives:

  • Promote emergency preparedness and safety through CERT classes being offered, with trained CERT members conducting the classes.
  • Organize CERT teams in the respective school districts and areas.
  • Re-certify CERT teams through quarterly training sessions.
  • Organize an annual mock disaster training event.
  • Working with the respective districts, the CERT council will:
  • Assist district leaders to keep area leaders current.
  • Assist in volunteer service to the community.
  • Coordinate with Citizen Corps to provide opportunities to enhance the training of CERT members. You should not venture out on your own to start search and rescue operations without your team.
  • CONTACT YOUR CERT LEADER if a disaster occurs such as an earthquake, tornado, plane crash, etc. After ensuring that you and your family are safe, you should assemble with your CERT leader and group for additional instructions and direction. Your CERT leader is your point of contact for the police and fire departments. Do not attempt to contact the police or fire department directly unless life-threatening emergencies exist.
  • IF YOU CANNOT REACH YOUR CERT LEADER due to phone lines being down, power being off, etc., respond to your predesignated rally point for your neighborhood CERT. Do this only when you're sure it is safe to do so. Do not leave a place of safety during a storm.
  • BRING ALL OF YOUR ISSUED CERT GEAR. When functioning as a member of Brigham City's CERT team, you should always have your issued CERT equipment with you and display your CERT identification card on the outside of your clothing.
  • STAY WITHIN THE SCOPE OF YOUR TRAINING. You have been trained under the curriculum of FEMA's Community Emergency Response Team program. Please confine your actions to those guidelines and stay within the scope of your training and certification.
  • STAY WITHIN YOUR LIMITATIONS. You must confine your actions to your physical and resource limitations when responding as a member of a CERT. Such limitations may be determined by, but not limited to, equipment available, physical abilities, knowledge, authority, hazards, etc.

CERT Training Schedule and Information