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The following individuals have declared their candidacy for the office of councilmember.
Bios and photos are included for those who provided them.

City of residence: Brigham City
Years of residence: 55 Years
Contact email:
Age: 55
Occupation: Public Health Administration

Robin was born and raised in Brigham City, Utah. She is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 7. Robin has worked in the health field in various roles over the course of her professional work life in which she has gained a wide range of experience with Administration, planning, development and budgeting. She is currently a member of the Brigham City Council and is running for a second term. Priorities during her first term were to expand communication with the public, having maintenance plans for infrastructure in place and to increase professional development within our emergency services and public safety departments. She will keep these same priorities and continue to work with the City and public in the the projects that are currently in development or building phases. For example, the Forest Street crossing, small nuclear power project and the changes that are happening with the economy, housing and providing electrical power to the community.

I am running for City Council because I believe we have an amazing town with a great legacy of forward-thinking leaders – leaders who ensured we would have resources like ample water, good roads, high speed internet, power the list goes on and on.  We have had periods in the past when leaders made choices to simply kick the can down the road and when that happens, problems and costs add up fast; often it’s more than just a pay now or pay later issue, but rather pay more, and pay a lot more later if you procrastinate.  In full transparency, I have found Mayor D.J. Bott to be a highly motivated, forward-thinking leader, striving to take on difficult and controversial issues that simply need to be addressed! He is not prone to kick the can down the road. I believe he and the current council are taking on hard things in an inflationary environment:  energy cost, city salaries in a very competitive environment, and trying to retain police, fire, and all other outstanding city employees.

All my children and grandchildren live in this community and have thrived in our small town. They have benefited from the community values and the strong commitment to neighborhoods focused on serving the community we call home, Brigham City. The quaint, tree lined streets and small local shops set a tone that this is indeed home.  We need to balance growth in a planned and strategic way.  Jobs and affordable homes play a big role in attracting and keeping people who love the Brigham way of life.

So why vote for Dave Hipp? I have spent a life in service and government. I served in the active-duty US Air Force, retiring after 22 years. My family and I lived overseas and throughout the US in the East, South, West, and Mid-West. I served in both Gulf Wars; first in Saudi Arabia and later in Iraq.  In Balad, Iraq we received 257 rocket and mortar attacks on our position during my tour in country. Also during that time, I personally was Commander of Honors for 10 military members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We sent them home to the US in flag-draped coffins on military aircraft from Iraq. When I came home from Iraq, I came home to Brigham City and was waving flags in 2005. I was raised in Heber City but BC is my home. After retiring from the military, I went to work at Hill AFB as a civilian and became the Chief of the Commanders Action Group working for the two star General.  Later I went to work as a Staffer for the US House of Representatives working for the greatest Congressman ever, Rob Bishop. I worked to support the first district constituency solving complex issues and developing relationships with the communities. Just before Rob retired, I went to work for the United States Department of Agriculture /United States Forest Service (USFS) as the Conflict Management and Prevention Program Manager for the Washington, DC Office. I cover all USFS Federal Law Enforcement, Fire, and Aviation management and the International Forest for the USFS as a Federal mediator.

I was appointed by Mayor Lou Ann Christensen to serve on the Brigham City Planning Commission; I was later appointed to fill the City Council seat vacated by Tom Peterson in 2023 when he was selected to fill the Utah House seat.

I believe I have a long consistent history of service and commitment.  I am most proud of my family and my almost 40 years of marriage to my wonderful wife, Joy.  She took a big chance when she married me, and it has been a great ride – I hope she votes for me!

I believe in transparency, dignity, and integrity, I strive to listen to all views and want to know what YOU think.  Please reach out to me at 435-503-0803. Please feel free to invite me to meet with you or any group. This is my first time running for an elected position.  I hope you will vote for Dave Hipp for City Council in November.

City of residence: Brigham City
Years of residence: 3.5
Contact email:
Age: 36
Occupation: Policy Chief for a Federal Contracting Office

My "agenda" is to be an advocate for the families of Brigham City, Utah. This means keeping the city accountable to the approved budget and not approving increases in taxes, fees or rates unless  absolutely necessary for the safety and welfare of our citizens. I am not a "yes person", I have and will  continue to challenge issues and projects that are brought before the Council. If there is not a valid need for the expense or if it does not benefit the citizens, I will oppose it. I will listen to all those who speak up and vote accordingly. I encourage economic growth: increased revenue from sales tax can pay for future projects and reduce the overall tax burden we all share. For more information, please see my website: Thank you for putting your trust in me and voting for Kristina Lenderman for Brigham City Council.

My name is Nicole Webster and I am running for Brigham City Council!

I have lived in Brigham City since 1992. I graduated from Box Elder High School in 1999. I attended Weber State and Utah State University. For the past fourteen years, I have been a stay-at home-mom, caring for my six children.

Being in a one income family for so many years, I know the effects rising costs of living has- especially on those in lower and limited income households. With my years of experience of living within limited means, I also know how important it is to budget appropriately and to separate the need from the wants. If elected, I promise to work with the mayor and other council members by carefully going through the city's budget and making sure your tax dollars are being spent appropriately and wisely.

I believe a policy of transparency to their constituents is important for anyone in any political position. As your council member, I will always be as open as I can about decisions I make.

I love this community I have lived in for three decades. Living here so long, I know how important the small businesses we are lucky enough to have here are for the city. I would love to have the opportunity to make sure the city continues to support them and make Brigham City a place people want to bring their business, whether as an owner or a consumer.

I look forward to my chance to serve Brigham City!

I was born in Brigham City in the Cooley Hospital with the given name, Jeannette Poelman. I was raised in Brigham City and graduated from Box Elder. After high school, I went to the U of U, and at the same time I attended a legal secretary school, became certified, and worked in a law office for a year. Afterwards I transferred to USU where I graduated in Elementary Education with a minor in mathematics. I have lived in Brigham City ever since. I am married to a very talented man, Bret Boggess. Between us we have four sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren. All of whom I cherish, and I am glad they all live near us. Having lived here most of my life, I am very aware of the city's history, and I have seen what works here and what does not.

I taught 6th grade at Mt. View, Lake View, and have worked at Young Intermediate school since it was built in 1996. My students know me as Mrs. Zobell. I have taught many subjects, but mainly math and art. I have a lot of accomplishments and abilities in art, and I have been able to use my art and creative skills in my classroom, school events, as well as outside of school. I have served on multiple committees with the school district and schools where I have worked, and I have been part of a lot of after school programs that I started. (Style, Young Investors, Art, Pottery, and several Fairs) I have written and have been awarded several grants that have helped the schools and students where I have worked (Utah Humanities Council, Utah Arts Council, Nucor). I have had to work with budgets and work supply orders as part of my job as well.

I am running for office, because I believe I possess the talent and foresight to put the city on a better track for the future. I think it is healthy to have debate in the city council, and not for the Council to just rubber stamp what is brought before them. I am concerned about the sudden, large increases in utility costs and property taxes, and the adverse impact it is having on residents when the cost of everything is so inflated. I raised two sons here in Brigham City on a single income. I know how to budget, and I know how to be frugal. Sometimes you have to do without some of the frills in order to pay for basic needs.

Proper maintenance of what we have also needs to happen. There needs to be foresight to prepare for the future costs of maintenance, and planning for future upkeep and upgrades. Brigham is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. Better management by eliminating costs of things that are not needed, realizing future costs that come with infrastructure, and properly maintaining existing infrastructure is where we should be headed to maintain our beautiful city.

I am in full support of local business, and believe the City's business should be done in Brigham whenever possible. A strong community starts with having a variety of strong local businesses.

With all of my experience, creativity, and talents, I believe I have a lot to offer that would benefit Brigham City. I strongly believe there should be a fiscally conservative voice of reason on the city council to question where the taxpayers' money is going and why. I have lived my whole life being mindful, and frugal, so I will be that voice.

City of residence: Brigham City
Years of residence in current city: 17
Contact email:
Age: 53
Occupation: Account Executive

After many years of contemplating a run for City Council, I decided that this was the year to do it. I love public policy and community engagement and it has been my dream to serve in public office. I will advocate for all citizens of Brigham City, putting in the time and asking the questions needed for government to work. I will be fully transparent in my decision making. I look forward to serving and believe I will bring a new voice to the Council.

I have a degree in Public Administration from California State University. I have worked as a CEO of a community service organization and as an account manager for a large corporation, giving me experience in a variety of areas applicable to serving on City Council. My wife and I moved to Brigham City 17 years ago to raise our three kids surrounded by family and friends. I have loved the time I have been able to spend in Brigham volunteering to coach various sports, participating in community events and doing my part to keep Brigham City a wonderful place to live.

City of residence: Brigham City
Years of residence in current city: 25
Contact email:
Age: 25
Occupation: Works at the Room Loft

I am running for City Council as a write in candidate. I would love to be able to represent you and bring my best to Brigham City. I attended Bear River High School, graduating in 2017. I attended the Box Elder Brigham City Life Skills program and am currently involved in LINC. I enjoy all sports and participate in Special Olympics, basketball, baseball, track and field, bowling and bocce. I will bring a unique perspective to this position, helping promote understanding and caring for all citizens.