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Business Licensing

We welcome and encourage commercial and home occupation businesses and the many benefits they bring to Brigham City and its residents. We require licensing of all businesses. We look forward to helping you and wish you the best with your business endeavors.

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Christina Boss
Business Licensing
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Brigham City requires licensing of all businesses.

Applicants interested in starting a home occupation business: See Title 29.30 Home Occupations (pdf) for standards and allowable uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my business with the State?
Division of Corporations and Commercial Code

How do I apply for a Tax ID?
IRS Tax ID (EIN) Application

How do I apply for a sales tax number?
Sales & Use Tax

Do I need a State occupational or professional license?
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

Do I need a Health Department permit?
Any brick and mortar establishment serving any kind of food that is not pre-packaged needs a permit from the Bear River Health Department to operate.

How do I get a Bear River Health Department permit?
Bear River Health Department

Do I need a permit from the Department of Agriculture and Food?
All businesses selling prepackaged foods, plant nurseries, home cottage businesses that prepare and package food, beehive/honey production businesses, farmers markets, and food labeling must contact the Department of Agriculture for a permit.

How do I get a permit from the Department of Agriculture?
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Businesses may also be regulated by the Federal Government, such as those dealing in alcohol, tobacco, firearms, hazardous materials or waste, radio, satellite and television communications, etc. The appropriate Federal offices should be contacted for assistance, if applicable.

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