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Business License Applications and Forms

Letter of intent icon

Letter of Intent

Make changes to your business license

Commercial business license application icon

Commercial Business License

Business in a commercial or industrial building

Major home occupation business license icon

Major Home Occupation
Business License

Business in your home and using an accessory structure, attached/detached garage, or yard space

Temporary business license icon

Temporary Business License

Temporary sales at an approved parking lot

Rental dwelling business license

Rental Dwelling Business License

Renting out a residential dwelling unit or building

Solicitor business license icon

Solicitor Business License

Selling, offering for sale, or taking orders for merchandise door-to-door within the Brigham City limits

Excludes newspaper carriers, candidates for public office or persons conducting activities on behalf of religious organizations

Food truck annual license icon

Food Truck Annual Business License

Full time 12-month license for vending in Brigham City

This license is NOT for vending at events

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