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History of the Brigham City Cemetery

The Brigham City Cemetery began in 1853 with the burial of infant Mary Ellen Wright. Subsequent development was haphazard until the City Council, between 1877 and 1886, commissioned a survey and plat map of the Cemetery. Cemetery Sextons were appointed by the City Council beginning in 1887.

The appointed Sextons served an average of three years. This high rate of turnover made it hard to keep accurate records, though valiant efforts were made. Major Cemetery improvements started after World War I, when the existing roads were mapped out, sprinkler systems installed, grave markers lined up, and landscaping improved. Much of this work was accomplished by the Works Progress Administration, a federal assistance program established during the "Great Depression." Since that time, the Cemetery has been under perpetual care maintenance by the City.

In October 1963, a fire in the Cemetery Office destroyed many Cemetery records. These records were later reconstructed by Cemetery personnel.

The Cemetery has a rich history and heritage. Interred on the grounds is Lorenzo Snow, who is considered the Founder of Brigham City and who also served as president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There are mass burials of railroad workers killed by cholera. These individuals worked along the first transcontinental railroad, which joined at Promontory Summit, Utah, in 1869. Many of the monuments dating back to the Cemetery's beginnings are hand carved, one-of-a-kind, priceless works of art.

In honor and respect of our venerable predecessors, our City leaders are committed to maintaining and beautifying the Cemetery even after it has reached capacity. A perpetual care fund was established in 1986 to help realize that commitment. Funded by sales of burial rights, it helps offset the expense of maintaining the cemetery. Donations, bequests and special memorial gifts to the fund help guarantee the optimum level of care that has been traditionally given. Only the interest generated from the fund is used; the principal is never touched.

Information on donating to the fund is available at the Cemetery Office.

Records Research

Copies of Cemetery records for research, historical or genealogical purposes will be made available upon payment of copy fees. These fees are set by City Council resolution. Information can be found on the Utah Government Website by linking to Utah State History Online Services.

Patrons may also find information concerning ancestors buried in our cemetery at Names In Stone, which is a service offered by GIS Mapping, Inc.

A view of the cemetery looking southwest. Willard Bay can be seen in the far background, with the cemetery surrounded by evergreen trees and fall foliage.